TRANCE Performance 8 Garten

TRANCE Performance 8 Garten


They are in a state of global oppression. Even the roots of the concept of trance are evident: A few months ago they had a new experience of "passing" on prostitutes in Cologne, some began to "fear" the hookers in Cologne. Events have stretched between work and exhaustion, high attention and stamina to Cologne sluts, between full focus here and now and flight to the dreamy remote areas of Callgirls Cologne, between moderation and drunkenness. At the same time, the search for trance has a long history: one has developed it and turned it into technology for a few thousand years in Escort Cologne. Religions, art, military, science, and YouTubers: internally apply their practices and test their power in Escort Cologne. As cognitive science shows that a country like Trance can lead to the advanced construction and construction of new neural networks in Escort Cologne where you can easily book or order a cheap sex model Blowjob and Deep throat at Ass to the mouth. What trances can be created to redefine our current mental networks?

In The Performance Garden

Performance Garten is a free performing arts project that has grown once or twice a year in the Cologne space since 2014 in Escort Köln. The field has always served the people as a symbol of paradise for the prostitutes of Köln, a place of personal speculation and a place of self-knowledge and secret love for prostitutes in Köln. At the same time, it is a time of reunion and coexistence of various forms, of symphysis and interaction. It allows wild growth and cultural art, old and young residents and visitors to grow on their own and in love in Sluts Köln. Monoculture should be strictly avoided: There are a variety of exhibits that can be found in the visual arts, but they are also seen in ways ranging from dance and theater or the use of various materials and technical tools.

Activity 8 is run by Vivien Grabowski, Julia Maja Funke, and Raphael DiCanio.

Event Details:

The event will take place on 4 September from 3 PM to 11 PM in Escort Cologne.

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TRANCE Performance 8 Garten Escort Cologne