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You’re the guy who has everything and has done it all yet you feel something is still missing. Why is society’s recipe for happiness not working? You have a beautiful wife, bought the house in the private gated community; the children are in private school. What could possibly be wrong when you did everything right? You feel trapped, taken for granted and unappreciated. Sometimes you feel like you want to leave, however, you can’t because you are too invested, too comfortable, and possibly fear the change of starting over. What if I told you that you could stay right where you are and be the happiest man in the world? Would you be interested? Sure you’ve thought about escorts but never did think you would find someone like Heather. Now imagine yourself alive again! Sitting across the table from someone that is actually interested in hearing about your hobbies, your ideas and most importantly interested in you.

​Height:  5’7”, Hair Color: Dark Brown, Eye: Red

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