There have been many queries about how to become a high-class escort model. So, young ladies, if you are finding an answer to this question then welcome to the right place. There are many answers to the question, however, there are three major points that you must take care of if you want to become an Skya escort girl in Cologne. One major point is that you must have over-all good looks to become a top-rated escort callgirl, secondly you must have style and charisma and lastly you must get affiliated with one of the reliable escort agencies in Germany like Skya Escort Cologne. There are requirements of every job and the above stated requirements are needed to become a VIP sex model. We will surely discuss all these three main pointers in detail but before that let us tell you, that even before you look up these requirements, you should be confident, self-dependent and top it all you should be versatile. Only then you will be able to get a fulltime escort service job with a recommended agency. Coming back to the question on how to become a high-class escort and to its answers.

Point # 1- Over-all personality and looks is an answer to how to become a high-class escort girl

To become a top escort model, you need to have good looks and a well-rounded personality. If you are planning to become a highly paid escort girl, then your body should have those curves to turn on any men. Your, tits should be of perfect size, your ass should make men horny and your over-all figure should be slim and smart. Do keep in mind, we mentioned slim, not skinny. No man would like to pay for a bony figure escort lady. However, if you don’t have these looks, you can surely give yourself some time, join a gym and can get in shape in few months. Only looks can’t take you far, if you actually want to be seen as an exclusive callgirl in Cologne then you must have a charismatic personality that can captivate your client, you should be humorous, smart, and intelligent and top it all friendly. In short your client must enjoy your company. So this was the first point of the answer to the question how to become a high-class escort.

Point#2- Trendy and fashionable sense of style is a key to become a VIP model

When you work as a hobby hooker, you have to go to many places and have to socialize. You cannot afford to wear lusty and erotic clothing outside your client’s hotel room. Your dress and sense of style must compliment your personality. Your dressing should remain formal and classy.

Point#3- Affiliation with an escort agency is major point to become an escort for the elite

When you are new to the adult industry, you wouldn’t know how to market yourself, nor would you have a website. So if you want to become a high-class escort lady in no time, you must get registered with a luxury escort agency like Skya Escort Cologne. This top-rated escort agency takes care of your legal matters as well. Getting affiliated with a reliable agency would also give you a chance to choose your own client and will also give you a chance to keep the charges according to your liking. However, if you start working as a street hooker, then for sure your erotic career will end before it starts.