Bettina Marx Artist Talk

Bettina Marx Artist Talk


Bettina Marx's oeuvre includes drawings and ink drawings, which often capture real-world scenarios and scenarios in Escort Cologne. He conveys silhouettes, landscapes, and textures, such as set pieces, in paintings reminiscent of the natural architecture of whores Cologne.

Marx paints these artifacts and duplicates the appearance of objects, artifacts, and memories on paper and in MDF boxes in Prostitutes Cologne. In his site-specific settings, the actual space is also part of the simulation space. The artist often transforms an exhibition room with painted walls or web webs that make up the seemingly living spaces in Sluts Cologne.

Bettina Marx studied at Kunstakademie Münster, where she graduated in 2009 as a graduate student of Cornelius Völker. He has been awarded several awards and bursaries and has held numerous individual and group shows in Hookers Cologne.

Event Details:

As part of Bettina Marx's "siblings" exhibition (June 25 - September 19, 2021), we warmly invite you to a conversation between the artist and Anne Mager, the curator of the show and the art advisory board member of the station Art Sankt Peter Cologne where you can easily find or book chubby or a small escort or callgirl for a provocative day or GFE service.

The interview took place on-site at Sankt Peter's gallery in Callgirls Cologne.

The installation of Bettina Marx's “siblings”, which is largely built on the site of the Sankt Peter art station, touches and explores the various building elements, notes, and drawings in the stone buildings featured in the gallery at Escort Köln. Only here is the outer wall of the western Roman tower from the 12th century that did not include all the details of the construction and inequality of the Köln prostitutes. In the process of flats, the artist removes traces of stone time and reused them with wax and ink crayons in Prostitutes Köln. Behind the same wall, he unveiled a large-format paper that serves as a wall-mounted room in a small tower in Sluts Köln, where the joints, drawings, and color layers of paper come together to form a seemingly unfamiliar place in Escort Cologne.

Bettina Marx Artist Talk Escort Cologne