8th Pen and Paper Evening 2021 in the Meltdown

8th Pen and Paper Evening 2021 in the Meltdown


At the beginning of the night, all the gamers will explain their game plan in Escort Cologne. At this point, you will get the first tips on this story and the world your adventure is about to take place while having the best seductive teen slim escort sitting next to you to provide the best GFE service in hookers Köln. After that, they split into groups. Before the adventure begins, the basic rules are explained. In complex systems, players can choose from pre-made characters. Simple programs will allow you to build your own hero (or modify an existing one).

Now they can finally start playing in callgirls Cologne. The game manager will tell you the story. However, you the actor have to make all the decisions about your character in prostitutes Köln. Where do you want to go? Who are you talking to? Rules help to determine what you can and cannot do. For example, they explain how to find out, if you can persuade a city guard to open the gates (or not). Most of the time this will be done by rolling the dice with your hero's numbers in sluts Cologne where you can easily book or find an escort or whore.

The main focus is always the pleasure of playing in Escort Cologne. And the less you know about the world, the more interesting it will be to explore. They are always excited about new players and as a result, our sacrifices are easy to start with. They also play (if players choose to) in English.

Event Update:

The pen and paper in the evening will continue to take place offline again, but with as little limit as last year:

- Introduction of online programs on Discord and if possible (there is also a late notice-decision maker) - you decide directly at the Meltdown program door and sit at the table (of course Corona's standard rules apply)- you need your pens, dice, or dice app (they are not legally allowed to give you dice/pens for hygiene reasons)


Whether you are a bloodthirsty beginner or a bloodthirsty expert, there is something for everyone here - the beautiful kings of PnP tonight bring you an intricate mix of ancient myths, post-destruction bean worlds, cthuloid horror scenes, and self-made miracles. The masters have everything you need to play and explain the rules of the program. You simply must be more separating with the assist you with delivering toward others.

Pen and Paper Night will take place every first Tuesday of the month. The start is 06:00 pm in front of the Fachschaft (directly opposite the main entrance to the Mathematics / Informatics building). Adventures vary in length but should end at midnight in Escort Köln. They play teams of up to six players. Every evening there will be many different sports programs to choose from.

They will order food, usually between 8 and 9 p.m.

The event will occur at Tuesday, August 24 2021 At 6:00 PM
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8th Pen and Paper Abend 2021 im Meltdown Escort Cologne